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Better Together Elements 1 by Lorie

Better Together Elements 1
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You know we’re always better together and what better place to be together with our bestest friends than The Bee Pot Tea House - especially if you like fresh wildflower honey in your tea. No one here will tell you to mind your own beeswax. So snoop inside and here's what you will find bundled together in this tiny Bee Pot Tea House creative fusion element package number one.
1 scenery cloud
1 Bee Pot overlay (with Honey Bee looking out of shop window & instructions)
6 big flowers
1 Bee Pot Tea House
1 big flower cluster (light & dark versions)
1 cluster of big grass blades
1 flower foreground layer
(Note: If you’re looking for Baxter Bee and more of Honey Bee peek into Better Together element package number two.)
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