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Hell's Kindergarten Kit by SussieM Designs

Hell's Kindergarten Kit
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Long long time ago all scary monster were tiny & cute. They had special place to play, meet another cute monsters and learn about the world around.
They used to sit close to the fireplace and listen to their favourite fairytales and when the night was warm and fullmoon was shining bright they could play around in their haunted forest.
Let me introduce You to Lavrence DeBone and his best friend Lisa Skinner. They will show You around and if You'll be nice to them You may discover some Halloween mysteries too.

You won't leave with empty hands. You'll get Your kindergarten starter kit with:

15 papers
2 bat hangers
1 bat wings
3 bows
1 round box
1 broom
1 bunny toy
1 bunny on the stick
1 candle holder
1 chain
1 chair
1 clock
1 toy duck
1 fishbone
3 metal round frames
1 wooden frame
1 round stripe frame
1 ghost balloon bundle
2 skeleton kids
2 decorated paper tags
4 ribbon frames
3 zigzag ribbons
3 paper skeletons
1 halloween decoration
1 scary skull head
2 witch hats
1 poisoned apple
1 baby raven
1 ball ribbon
2 banners
1 banner to hang
1 lying bear
Wooden blocks
2 piles of books
3 buttons
1 chandelier
4 eyeballs
1 ornamented frame
1 kitten
1 lamp
4 autumn leaves (two colors each)
3 mists
1 paper frame
4 pumpkins
2 Jack o'lanterns
7 roses
1 skull on the chain
2 spider webs
2 spiders
1 table
1 spinning toy
1 toy carousel
1 decor banner
1 butterfly
3 glitter dusts
1 skull globe
1 key
2 lace frames
1 lace ribbon
1 lace tag
13 metal buttons (separate & one sheet)
2 skull pillows
1 thin paper tag
2 twine bows
1 twine frame

All files saved as .png (300 dpi each)
Shadows only for the preview purposses

Personal Use ONLY!
S4H Friendly!

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