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A Girls BEST Friend by Christina

A Girls BEST Friend
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Bling, bling babyyy! haha. Okay, so I was going for a REALLY shiny, bright, glowing, gleaming, sparkly blinging alpha here. I see all those cute little small studs and itty bitty looking diamonds that make letters and symbols on clothing and other things. I wanted something similar, yet I wanted it to GLEAM and not get LOST in the lo or on the paper. Just to show up basically! So I wasn't necessarily CREATING a DIAMOND alpha when I began, lol. Yet that is what made it SHOW UP and gleam from the lo's at a distance! I made these REALLY LARGE at approx. 5-6" tall. So they make FABULOUS initials or you can shrink if you want the smaller studded (not so diamond bling) effect. I left plenty of shrinkage ability!

Included is an all capitals alphabet, numbers 0-9 and a few symbols. You will get the un-shadowed version AND a shadowed version. All pieces are seperate png files and include the little sparklers (stars) you see in this preview that make sparkle!
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