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ACTION: Bleed Checker by Wendy

ACTION: Bleed Checker
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Don't know if you NEED to add bleed to your layout? Run these actions to find out! Simply select the size book you want to print. Open your JPG layout and run that action on the layout. It will resize, trim and crop the layout down to show you how your layout will look when it is trimmed, and what portion of the layout will fall inside the safe zone margins.

Shutterfly 12x12
Shutterfly 8x8
MyPicTales 12x12
MyPicTales 10x10
MyPicTales 8x8
Viovio 12x12
Viovio 8.5x8.5
Viovio 7x7
Viovio 5x5
Viovio 3.5x3.5

TESTED IN PSCS2+ and PSE 4+. Mac & PC.
Personal use and Scrap-4-Hire use okay.
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