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ACTION: Blend It {3} 12x12 by Wendy

ACTION: Blend It {3} 12x12
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Two actions will blend any two pictures or photos. The first blends only the center 1/3 of the page. The other blends across the entire page. Play with the opacity settings and blending modes to achieve different results. Tutorial included.

NOTE: There are two versions of these actions included. Most people will need the ALTERNATE version. If you run the ALTERNATE version and your papers are not blending correctly, uninstall the ALTERNATE and install the ORIGINAL.

2 Actions (ATN)
PDF Tutorial

This action pack is S4H and designer-friendly at no additional cost. TESTED in PSCS1-4 and PSE5-7 ONLY. Mac and PC Compatible. Most actions that work in PSE7 will also work in PSE8.
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