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ACTION: HandWrite It by Wendy

ACTION: HandWrite It
ACTION: HandWrite It
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This action will transform your handwriting into Photoshop brushes! Simply print out the PDFs provided. Using a fine tip marker, write out each letter in the block specified. Make sure you fill in EVERY block with something or the action will crash. There are 4 sheets to fill out, and 4 actions that correspond. (PSE users have several parts to each action set.)

When you are done, scan in your pages and return to Photoshop to run the action. The action will lead you through step by step on what you need to do. When it is finished, you will find each of your letters accessible through your Brushes Palette and in the Preset Manager.

What a fun and inexpensive way to digitize your handwriting!

NOTE: If you do not have a scanner, you can use a tablet or mouse and create your letters digitally.

This product was previously included in Grab It {6}.

This product is for personal use or S4H-use without any additional license.
You may make brushes out of anyone's handwriting, but for your own personal use or S4H only, and these brush sets may not be shared or distributed. For commercial-use brush sets, see my Designer-Use version.

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