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ACTION: Resave It (PSCS Only) by Wendy

ACTION: Resave It (PSCS Only)
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This action was created in response to scrappers using Bridge who experience corrupt previews. This problem is often the result of an incompatibility between Bridge and graphics created in PaintShopPro. The fix is easy. Just open the files in Photoshop and resave them. But, this can be a time consuming process by hand. So, these actions will open the files and resave them for you. Simply place all your JPGs in one folder. PNGs in another. Then, batch process the files to automatically open, resave and close. They are saved right over themselves so work on a copy!

You get actions to save files as:
TIF (Mac and PC thumbnails)
PNG (The PNG action also trims any extra space off for smaller file sizes)
JPG (quality settings of 9, 10, 11 or 12)

For Personal or S4H use only. Designers who wish to trim their files should see my Trim It action, okay for Designer Use.

Tested in PSCS 2-4 only. PSE users can Batch Save automatically in PSE.
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