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Adventouriste - The Collection
Ztampf! Adventouriste Collection Ztampf! Adventouriste - ARTiculate Ztampf! Adventouriste - Wingz Ztampf! Adventouriste - Pieces Of Time Ztampf! Adventouriste - Labelizer Ztampf! Adventouriste - Labelizer Dark Ztampf! Adventouriste - FrameIt 1 Ztampf! Adventouriste - FrameIt 2 Ztampf! Adventouriste - Journaler Ztampf! Adventouriste - ARTiStitches Ztampf! Adventouriste - Enchanted PaperPack Ztampf! Adventouriste - Steampunk PaperPack Ztampf! Adventouriste - SolidGround PaperPack Ztampf! Adventouriste - ARTiStrokes Ztampf! Adventouriste - Trinkets Ztampf! Adventouriste - Borders 1 Ztampf! Adventouriste - Borders 2 Ztampf! Adventouriste - AlphaSet Ztampf! Adventouriste - Ensembles 1 Ztampf! Adventouriste - Ensembles 2 Ztampf! Adventouriste - QuickPage Album Ztampf! Adventouriste - Layout by Amson Ztampf! Adventouriste - Layout by Tracy Ztampf! Adventouriste - Layout by Tracy Ztampf! Adventouriste - Layout by LynnZant Ztampf! Adventouriste - Layout by Amson Ztampf! Adventouriste - Layout by Amson Ztampf! Adventouriste - Layout by Amson Ztampf! Adventouriste - Layout by LynnZant
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Adventouriste = Adventure + Tourist + Artiste.
Adventure: an exciting or remarkable experience, an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks.
Tourist: one that makes a tour for pleasure or culture.
Artiste: an artistic or creative person.

It all started out with wings. I wanted to create an accents pack filled with various kinds of wings. I have always loved wings. Some people said I am obsessed with wings. They could be right. After all, I did created many wings for my many art projects. The wings got me thinking about time and so I created the 'Pieces Of Time'. Then I thought why not creating some papers to go with them? Next it got me thinking about steampunk - which I have always had an affinity with, and then I was thinking about travels too as I'm going on a 6-week trip very soon - and finally, about adventure! To close down my Ztampf!Shop and go totally exclusive here at SBG is definitely a new adventure to me! So, it is more than appropriate that this Adventouriste Collection should be debuting here at Studio Ztampf! along with my exclusive debut at SBG!

And let me tell you that I am truly excited about this massive collection! It has taken me countless intensive hours to complete it. I honestly think this is a truly ztampfilicious collection! It is super versatile for various projects, filled with scrumptiously unique elements you won't find anywhere else which you will find yourself reaching for - time and again.

The fabulously artistic papers and elements in this collection will give wings to your creativity and imagination. Release the artist in you and surprise yourself! This collection is excellent to scrap about your life journeys and travels be they physical ones or spiritual and cerebral ones. It is wonderful for scrapping whimsical subjects too!

Adventouriste - The Collection consists of 20 individual packs that work seamlessly well together. Check out the additional preview images to see each of these packs:
01. Adventouriste : Wingz
02. Adventouriste : Pieces of Time
03. Adventouriste : Trinkets
04. Adventouriste : Journaler
05. Adventouriste : Labelizer
06. Adventouriste : Labelizer Dark
07. Adventouriste : FrameIt 1 (Enchanted)
08. Adventouriste : FrameIt 2 (Steampunk)
09. Adventouriste : Borders 1 (Enchanted)
10. Adventouriste : Borders 2 (Steampunk)
11. Adventouriste : ARTiculate WordArts
12. Adventouriste : ARTiStitches
13. Adventouriste : ARTiStrokes
14. Adventouriste : AlphaSet
15. Adventouriste : Ensembles #1
16. Adventouriste : Ensembles #2
17. Adventouriste : Enchanted PaperPack
18. Adventouriste : Steampunk PaperPack
19. Adventouriste : SolidGrounds PaperPack
20. Adventouriste : QuickPage Album

Find more layouts created with the Adventouriste Collection here and here!
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