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Ancient Ways Ostara Alphas by Miki

Ancient Ways Ostara Alphas
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The beginning of an amazing journey through the year, and the Wheel of Life!

As we step back in time, we look to the Ancient Ways of our ancestors who walked the earth and learned its seasonal rhythms.
In following the old ways, the year was marked by the solstices (the 2 longest and shortest days) and the equinoxes (the 2 days each year where a perfect balance between day and night, dark and light) was achieved. Third in the Ancient Ways Collection, "Ostara", named for the Saxon goddess Eostre, and also called the vernal, or spring, equinox harkens the rebirth of the earth and life within us. Eostre is also associated with Astarte, Ishtar, Demeter and Aphrodite. She is the goddess of desire. This day occurs between March 20th and 22nd each year, and marks the beginning of the agricultural season as well. The first seeds were planted and it was the time of the first birthing of the livestock: the lambs were born. Rich in tradition and symbolism, you will see the many signs of Ostara: eggs and lambs signifying new life and growth, rabbits which represent fertility and this time of creation, and the white lily - the symbol of promise between young men and women as they were traditionally betrothed at this time of the year. Another symbol of Ostara in Celtic lore was the equilateral cross, which symbolized both the equilibrium between dark and light on this day, but also the 4 phases of the moon. Ostar celebrates with new fire and is celebrated with festivals that emphsize balance and fertility.
The themes of Ostara are  new life/rebirth, growth, harmony and balance and the beginning of new ideas and goals.

In "Ancient Ways ~ Ostara", you will find the lighter, yet still vibrant colors of light green, lavender, pink, robin egg blue, lemon yellow, silver and white.

"Ancient Ways Ostara  Alphas" by Microferk Designs, you get a full set of alphas, both upper and lower case letters, numbers and 7 extra characters, all in a delicate, iridescent glass finish. Each element is in its own file - no need to 'cut' apart. All elements are created at 300ppi and saved as png files to preserve transparency. Drop shadows are only applied in instances where layering of pieces within an element necessitate shadowing for realism, unless otherwise noted in product description.

Check out the "Ancient Ways Ostara Collection" or the "Ancient Ways Collection" for more coordinating products in this line by Studio Miki.

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