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Art Nouveau by Priss Designs

Art Nouveau
by eagleszem by irishgull by véro by lorenza by foxeysquirrel by mamiemoi by mamamatveya by celinoa by jeanet by hekas by yelina by delph by Irenchen by july-c by beaute
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This kit is dedicated to my friend Rosie (irishgull in the digiworld) because when I created my first kit "baroque" she said to me "I love it so much even if baroque is not my favourite style, I like art nouveau much better" and she gave me the idea of creating a sort of "architecture cycle" with different styles.
So this is about Art Nouveau, or "Liberty" as we call the Italian style, you'll find some transformed views of my town, some of my grandmother's furniture and all the grace of this amazing style from the beginning of 20th century.

This kit contains 22 papers, 128 unique elements, 44 shadowed versions, 8 wordarts all in 300 dpi.

In detail:

1 bureau
2 vases
1 coffee table
1 coffee table with towel
1 chaise longue
1 cabinet
1 cabinet with glass
1 cabinet front
1 glass bottle
1 porcelain bottle
1 tiffany glass
1 glass vase with peacock decor
1 porcelain vase with flowers and female figures
1 art nouveau lamp
2 tiffany lamps
1 tiffany lamp with light
1 art nouveau holder
1 woman statue
1 lamp with woman statue
1 lamp with woman statue with light
1 clock
1 clockcubby
1 clock frame
1 night table
3 metal frames
4 wood frames
1 round porcelain frame
5 paper frames
3 doodle artnouveau hearts
3 book covers (front, back and side)
1 book cover frame
1 paper ornament
1 gold ornament with frame
1 gold ornament with mirror
4 silver mirrors (1 back)
1 purple velvet swirl
1 purple painted swirl
1 purple ribbon
1 purple embroideris
5 purple iris
1 couple of narcissus
4 yellow iris
1 yellow narcissus
1 couple of white narcissus
1 narcissus swirl
1 sparkling overlay
17 floral art nouveau paper ornaments
1 group of 3 ninpheas
1 ribbon with metal butterflies
9 art nouveau hewels
1 paper butterfly wings
1 wall decor
1 chair
1 table
1 porcelain coffee pot
1 porcelain milk jug
1 porcelain tea plate
2 silver coffee spoons
1 porcelain sugar bowl
1 porcelain coffee cup
2 porcelain coffee cup on plate (one from top)
1 coffee table with the whole set on top
1 wall light
1 brick porch
1 green fence
1 brick porch with fence
3 paper tags
2 purple stained glass flowers
3 leaves
1 bow
8 wordarts
10 scenic papers
10 papers with artnouveau decors
2 plain papers
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