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Authentic Artistry III, Spare Parts by Christina

Authentic Artistry III, Spare Parts
Christina Renee's Authentic Artistry III, Spare Parts Preview
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If you already own the "Authentic Artistry III" collection, I have a feeling that you are going to have an overwhelming urge to grab all of it's, "Spare Parts"!! ;) Even if you do not have this collection, I believe you will enjoy this set of "Authentic Artistry III, Spare Parts" just as much!

My process of creating a kit/collection is very simple! I begin by going through my stash of goodies, picking out whatever odds and ends I'm in the mood for at that time. These gathered pieces may not necessarily match or go with each other but that comes next. My absolute FAVORITE part of the creating process is assembling these little findings and making them all come together into a special, unique and unmatched collection! After everything is photographed, extracted and all side by side, I always find that I have way too many pieces and have to start eliminating. Even though these leftover pieces don't make the collection, they are still extraordinary treasures that I just know you would love to embellish your pages and artwork with...This is where the idea of "Spare Parts" came from!

"Authentic Artistry III, Spare Parts", is a rare grouping of a bunch of anythings...in other words, anything that didn't fit into the original kit's collection for some reason or another!

In this particular "Authentic Artistry III, Spare Parts", you will find grimey books, ephemera, lots of uncommon frames and many, many other darling pieces to enjoy!!

1 grimey old book (great for layering and/or textures, etc.)
1 old embroidered cloth book cover (blue) (great for matting photos, etc.)
3 vintage metal button
1 old, tattered book scrap paper (pretty pink and creamy pattern)
1 old drawing
5 old wallpaper scraps (gothic architecture, gorgeous blue and gold damask, grey heart with cupid and 2 architectural borders)
12 unique frames of all sorts
1 large piece of antique needle lace
1 nameplate
2 gold metal floral ornaments
1 antique architectural mount (mahogany with carved cupids)
1 antique heart dagger (used as a pin)
1 antique piece of ornamental iron (rusty, fleur de lis)
1 old pearl heart and diamond brooch
1 vintage pin (features a picture of a handshake)
2 old metal furniture fittings (keyholes)
1 piece of pressed foliage (very old)
1 red ribbon scrap
1 piece of braided scalloped suede leather (great for bordering, layering, trim, etc.)

Note: The background and heart book (used for title) used for this preview was the same one used on the "Authentic Artistry III" Collection previews and is not included in this product. It was used for preview purposes only and those pieces can be found in the "Authentic Artistry III" Collection.
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