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Better Together Elements 2 by Lorie

Better Together  Elements 2
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We’re always better together, you and me. Even in a close knit group (like, oh for instance, a beehive) we will have our bestest friends who will always make everything better. Baxter Bee and Honey Bee are bestest friends. (Baxter considers Honey his true-blue queen) This could be called the Baxter/Honey tea house date element kit but, for some reason, it isn’t. Still, inside it you will find what looks a lot like everything you might need for a lovely date in the first-rate made-for-bee’s Bee Pot Tea House.
1 Honey Bee
1 made-by-bees-tea bag (2 versions: one looks better in darker scenes - the other better in lighter scenes)
1 tea label
1 chair
1 table (with/without tea service for 1)
2 tea cups (you, me, and heart versions)
2 cupcakes (with/without plates)
1 teapot (couple versions)
1 tearoom floor
1 tea saucer
3 doodles
4 wordarts (several variations with/without doodles)
Note: If you think you might like Bee Pot Tea House exteriors peek into Better Together Elements Package One. For bee-utiful backgrounds peruse Better Together 6 Papers/7 Variations.
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