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Blended Templates Bundle 12 by Rosey Posey

Blended Templates Bundle 12
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Includes Blended Templates {41,42,43,44}

Templates are Layered PSD files which are made for Photoshop & Photoshop Elements and may not work in all programs.  Please purchase at your own risk if you use other software.

**Also comes with Individual PNG & JPG files that are numbered in order for layers.  These types of files are useful if your scrapbooking software will not open a PSD file.  My StoryBook Creator uses PNG and JPG.

Blended Templates are a combination of elements, background and a template.  The elements included with each Blended Template are on their own layer so that you can move the elements around to your liking if needed.   Most of the elements have shadow effects as well that can be changed or taken off.  The background paper can be used as is or switched out for another paper of your choice.

Blending is a unique way to show your photo's and by no means is my blending technique the only one out there. I wanted to create an easy way for others to achieve a blended look and keep it simple at the same time.

The photo's you choose and the backgrounds make a big difference in how your blended photo turns out. These particular templates were made in mind with brighter feeling photo's with lighter backgrounds. If you choose a photo with a darker background you will have more of a contrast in your layout and may want to add a bit darker of a paper to the background. 
 Each Download  comes with a short set of instructions & tips in PDF and a link to a video.

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