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Blooming Sweethearts by Kitty and Lorie by Lorie

Blooming Sweethearts by Kitty and Lorie
by Kitty by Dodo74 by Damayanti By Joshi By Full Of Life by Carins Pixels by She by Camila Maria by Diana by Cheryl By Joann Knnrd by Lorie
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Let the Baker Blue Birds at the Sweetheart Cafe and Bakery bake you up a frosted pastry delight for Valentine's. Sweets are their specialty. "Blooming Sweethearts" is an outdoorsey, domestic wonderland filled with lots of hearts and sugar, and a little spice to make things nice. Kitty and I hope you enjoy! Everything has been plucked, painted, baked, drawn, photographed, and sweetly tweeked for your artistic pleasure!


20 papers (+ 2 more recolored)

1 blank banner bird
3 banner birds with wordart
1 birdchef
1 birdwaiter (copy/paste their little eyeballs and they can look in any direction...)
1 border doodle
1 chef hat
2 cloud
1 cup
1 epoxy
1 flower
2 hearts
1 heartframe
3 journal
1 little birdie
1 little heart
1 paisley piece
1 ribbon
2 stems
2 strings
1 swirls
1 teapot
1 flowing heart
2 flower doodles
1 wheel barrow (+ 1 full of flowers and one recolored)
1 background bakery patio
1 big sunshine
1 birdie
1 bloom
3 curly tendrils
2 drifting hearts
3 word arts
1 grassy knoll
4 heart flowers
1 heart grass
1 heart grass for hill
1 heart overlay
3 smokey hearts (for bakery chimney)
1 swaying heart flower
1 birdhouse
1 clothespin
1 dangling frame (with background at window and without)
1 frame
1 heart string (+ one realistically shadowed)
2 little love pasterys
2 love seats
1 Sweetheart cafe and bakery
1 sweetheart table

Kitty Chen is super sweet and awesome to work with by the way...we had so much fun putting this
one together for you all! Hope your Valentine's turn out happy and wonderful!!)

Check out the beautiful LO's from both of our CT teams in Studio Lorie here at SGB and at OScraps in Kitty Chen's CT gallery for great inspiration!
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