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Blue Moon by Maya

Blue Moon
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Feeling blue? Not every moment in life is a happy one. Sadness is also part of this beautiful world we live in and without it we would not appreciate the joy that life brings. Blue Moon was created because sometimes the melancholy or moody moments are poignant and worth capturing. Some of the most exquisite photos are often sad and they touch our heart in such a deep and special way. It seemed right to honour these moments with a kit designed to express this emotion. Tears are sometimes worth remembering, in fact, very important to remember. Sometimes it is as simple as capturing the memory of your child's first boo boo, or a pouty tantrum that makes you giggle to yourself within. When my older boys were teenagers, their melancholy moods were often a part of their every day emo existence or their gothic styles. :) Sometimes sadness runs deeper than the emotions of children, and all of it is part of the story of our lives.

However, Blue Moon isn't soley for sad expression. It is also the perfect kit for Halloween or fantasy layouts and day dreamy imaginings.

The illustrations are from my own personal sketchbook of thoughts and memories and I have combined these sketches with digital techniques to bring you a new digital style. I do hope you enjoy using this kit as much as I enjoyed making it.


12 unique digital background papers
1 lost blue balloon (white sketched version also included)
1 heart balloon that floated away(white sketched verison also included)
1 ornate black gothic frame
1 birdcage (it is sad to live a caged life) (purple and white included)
1 leafless tree made of black lace ..brrrrrr
1 sad faced blue moon (a glowing option is also included)
1 sketched stiched heart (white and red)
1 traditional black button (two stitching versions)
1 sketched victorian chair (a time-out chair can be a sad place indeed)
1 circular glitter swirl
1 double tassled cord (in colour variations gold, yellow, blue and purple)
10 unique dangling gold stars on gold chains
1 bundled gold star grouping (also comes in blue, purple and silver)
1 gold metal star
1 sketched diary with book line texture and real diary keys (blue, red and tan)
1 sketched crooked ladder to climb to the moon (white and yellow)
1 sad little black rain cloud
1 sketched sad little waif /girl (blue and white)
1 skeleton key
1 black lace umbrella (blue, red and black)
1 negative strip
1 journal card with glitter border
1 garden of wilted heart shaped flowers ...so so sad.

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