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Bugs, Bugs EVERYWHERE! by Christina

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How fun is THIS? I had a blast creating Bugs...Bugs Everywhere because I just kept thinking of more and more I could put in it. This collection is really packed with possibilities!! At first you think ahhh a bug layout, cool for boys but look further...you will see that this will work great for just about anything outdoors and for girls too. There is loads of bugs in here of course like worms, ants, wasps, butterflies, spiders, a bee, cricket, lady bug, beetles, etc. I included lots of woodsy pieces like a background, lattice, a bench and even an old wooden bucket and apple crate. There is a full pack of Scenery in here that features trees and woodsy barns. Plenty of foliage including grass to green up your page, a full alphabet, 11 super versatile papers and so much more that I'll list below. I hope your inspired to create something fun!

Included is:

11 papers (2 recolors), 4 solids, a woodsy background, map, old painting of fallen apples, 1 bug patterned, 1 stamped ephemera, 2 plaid.

6 pieces of side "Scenery" featuring trees and woodsy structures. All 6 painted pieces are shown in 2 of the previews here and stand 12" tall.

1 worn, black chipboard alphabet in capital letters only and some symbols.

27 bugs! 24 extracted from old ephemera, 2 real spiders and 1 stamped.

12 pieces of foliage including mushroom vignettes, leaves, flowers, dried leaves, grass, an orange, etc.

2 birds on branches, beehive tray, brass pin, wooden bucket, apple crate, bench & homemade lattice. There's a vintage bug sweep (catcher), an old lantern, 5 frames, an old faucet, wood clothes peg, a metal latch, metal hinge, 1 screw, a beehive, wasp nest, magnify glass, outdoor view of hives, a pile of bark mulch (works great for dirt), 4 flat ribbons, a stamped cobweb, lg, shovel, 1 brown grungy storyboard, a few white threads that make a great laundry line when pieced together and finally, 3 different options for bug trails. There's a black and white stitched swirl and curvy line and also a trail of white shooting stars...wheww....I hope I didn't leave anything out. Enjoy!

I encourage you to go check out all the layouts my fabulous team created with this kit HERE!
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