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Bunnies, Bees and The Birds' Big Balloon ~ A Spring Collection ~ by Lorie

Bunnies, Bees and The Birds' Big Balloon ~ A Spring Collection ~
sample of some "Inside" elements Remembering Wonderful Wooly
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Hey scrappin' dill blossoms - it's Spring!!! When bunnies are out looking for other bunnies and sometimes, of course, using hot air balloons to find each other. In this collection you will find wide vistas and tiny cozy cottage crannies. There are birds, bees, blossoms, buttons, bird cages, birds nests, garden gates, and a jaunty bigfoot bunny home in the roots of a tree.

Take a deep breath and inhale that lush Spring air we knew would be waiting for us at the other side of Winter.

Bunnies, Bees & The Birds' Big Balloon. I hope you enjoy! Everything has been plucked, painted, flight constructed, meets FTS (Faerie Tale Standards), drawn, photographed, and sweetly tweeked for your artistic pleasure!

22 papers (+ more recolored)
1 Dangling Egg Alpha
8 quoted word arts
6 flowery word arts
1 cluster of flying paper butterflies
4 butterflies
1 paper overlay
1 photo overlay
1 paper border overlay
1 armoire
1 chair
2 closed trunk
1 game table
1 open trunk
2 toys for game table
1 wall art
1 wall art frame
1 wall tack
2 brackets
1 carrot teapot
1 clock hand
1 floor objects with different perspective
1 hallway table
1 hanging basket (+ one with flowers)
1 wild roadster toy (with and without passenger/with shadowed versions)
1 crocheted piece
1 footstool
1 garden bench (+ garden bench with pillow and shadowed versions)
2 hanging devices
2 little brackets
1 overlay
1 paper frame holder
1 shelf
1 shelf with dangling frame
1 paper lacing frame hanger
1 string
1 string for danging eggs and stuff from
2 ties
1 top border
1 watering can vase
2 wooden borders
4 versions of arbor and fence
1 Basil Bigfeet
1 Binky Bigfeet
4 birds
1 Bernadette Bigfeet
3 buzzin' right alongs (bees on the go)
1 series of drops
12 flowers (one recolored)
1 flower hook
1 basket
1 flying birdcage
2 frame ties
1 garden gate
1 May basket
1 rabbit hutch (with and without foliage)
1 scattered flower petals
1 falling leaves
1 swing
1 little garden variety cotton tail
2 trees
4 twigs
1 wagon (front of wagon can pop off to carry things like tikes)
11 frames
1 balloon
1 Birds' Big Balloon
4 clouds (some sporting frames and windows)
3 grassy knolls
1 landscape piece
2 tiny umbrellas (with & without brackets)
2 weather vanes
1 weather overlay
1 wind swoosh
2 quickpages
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