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CU Color Styles by Amanda Rockwell

CU Color Styles
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CU Color Styles
by Amanda Rockwell

TOU in description. By purchasing this item you are agreeing to these terms. What you may do with my CU items.

You may use them on papers and elements you are making for kits you sell in an online digital scrapbooking store, for personal/S40/S4h use
use them on photos for your clients, as textures-they must be flattened with a photo.
use them in birth announcements you make for your clients.<
use them to create blogs for other people (even if you are paid)
Use them to create websites for your clients (small home businesses only)
for any personal pages you want to create for your scrapbook or online album
paper designers (designing physical paper product) please email me for licensing

Examples of things you may NOT do with my products-

create other products you will sell for CU/designer use
redistribute these items
put into a book, CD, commercial, video game and so on.
use in creation of photos that will be sold on places such as istock.

I have listed what you can do with my items and examples of what you may NOT do. If it is not listed as a CAN, please email me for further questions. Paper designers can also email me for the licensing fee. amanda(at)amandarockwell(dot)com

This Elements Pack Includes:
  • set of PS styles. Letters and shapes for preview purposes only. White outline is added by expanding the area of the letter/shape by 15 pixels and filling with the paint bucket tool. The white outline is not part of the style.
  • Gift certificates