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CU4CU Crease City by Amanda Rockwell

CU4CU Crease City
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CU4CU Crease City
by Amanda Rockwell

TOU in description. By purchasing this item you are agreeing to these terms.
Only the brush packs with COMMERCIAL LICENSE and this TOU may be used in this way. If that is missing, than standard CU TOU applies and it is not CU4CU.
What you MAY do with the CU4CU creases.

You may use them to create CU overlays
Use them to create photo textures
use them to make CU metal layer styles or other elements
Use them in the creation of logos
Use them to create CU word art
Paper product designers may use these without requiring an extra fee because of the price

Examples of things you may NOT do with these licensed creases-

You may not re-sell thesm as is. That means do not give them away, repackage and sell or make other creases out of them. They are to be used as a building tool for you to make other CU items, NOT CU4CU items.
If you have any questions, please email me amanda(at)amandarockwell(dot)com

This Elements Pack Includes:
  • set of 30 creases
  • CU Flower Bag
    Brrrrr Papers
    Gift certificates