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Photo - Calendar - Book 2015 by Manuela

Photo - Calendar - Book 2015
Page Jan - Photos by Anna Langova Page Cover - Photos by Anna Langova Page Feb - Photos by Petr Kratochvil Page Mar - Photos by Petr Kratochvil Page Apr - Photos by Petr Kratochvil Page May - Photos by Petr Kratochvil, Annha Langova Page June, July - Photos by Petr Kratochvil Page Aug - Photos by Petr + VeraKratochvil Page Sep - Photos by Petr Kratochvil Page Oct - Photos by Petr Kratochvil Page Nov - Photos by Vera Kratochvil, Ben Kerckx Page Dec - Photos by Anna Langova First page - Photos by Anna Langova
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Calendar - Photo - Book 2015

a wonderful Christmas Gift for your loved ones and of course for yourself!

Included are:

  • psd files
  • tif files
  • png files

    tif & psd files: Month Names + Dates are on separate layers
You can easily edit each page as you wish.
You can change the font and you can change the language.

        png files: The calendar pages come in two versions
  • already finished with the calendar on it
  • and as blank page with the calendar separated on a different file

Sizes included:
  • European print format A4 (2480 x 3508 px)
  • 8 x 11 (2400 x 3300 px)
Add your own photos on the left page and
customize the right page as you wish. You can let it empty and write in some notes with hand when you get your finished Photo Book in your hands. It would be better to choose matt paper when ordering your book.
Or write your notes, events, dates, aniversaries ..... on the right page at home on your computer before ordering your book.
You can order your Calendar Photo Book at online photography print services like Shutterfly.
You can also look for local stores to get your book printed and bound.

It depends on the photo service you want to use, but mostly offer hard cover, soft cover and some also offer spiral books.

Everything is saved in separate files.
You don't have to download the complete package.
Each zip file is named correctly and if you only want to work with the PSD files you need to download the PSD files only.

If you need the 8x11 size only then you don't need to download A4 size too.

A special Thank you to my awesome CT girl Yuki Nagato for creating this amazing book!
This book is for personal use only!
If you want to use this book for your Scrap For Hire business there is a special license required. Please choose from the Drop Down Menu the S4H License.

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