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Chrysalis Metallic Alphas by Miki

Chrysalis Metallic Alphas
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"How does one become a butterfly? They have to want to learn to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”
~Trina Paulus

Chrysalis. A preparatory or transitional state. A stage of growth and development. Often confusing, filled with trepidation and wild hope all at the same time!
In  "Expressions: The Chrysalis Collection",another collection in this exciting new line, I bring you an eclectic collection of pieces with which to document your journey through life. I added two tarot cards as inspiration for the trip.
First, I give you "The Tower"- a card that portends changes, often fraught with chaos and crisis. But always dramatic and challenging. Sometimes it represents the challenging of our truths- what we believe and have held dear, and sometimes it is the challenge to look beyond the familiar, the comfortable, and to learn to trust in the unfamiliar, and the things we might fear we could never do. The Tower is usually a card that indicates the shaking of our foundations- those structures upon which we've come to rely and to which we cling in blind desperation. So, the Tower can be seen a challenge. An open invitation to step away from the things to which you've grown accustomed, and dare to spread your wings and take that first flight of fancy. In letting go of the old, you can embrace the new.
Next, I give you  "The World", a card of fulfillment and completion! It gives you an end to the struggles and finality in the changes you have been undergoing. You've come full circle- and you've survived. The World heralds a fresh start, a new beginning and new purpose for your new self. You've been working hard through all of the changes and crisis, and now you are truly at the precipice of a new day!

"Chrysalis Metallic Alphas", you get 6 complete alpha sets, in a lovely offbeat font, in carmine, citrus, daffodil, plum, shamrock and sky, that include upper case and lower case letters, numbers, and 7 extra characters! Each element is in its own file - no need to 'cut' apart. All elements are created at 300ppi and saved as png files to preserve transparency. Drop shadows are only applied in instances where layering of pieces within an element necessitate shadowing for realism, unless otherwise noted in product description.

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