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Cosmopolitan - The Kit by Maya

Cosmopolitan - The Kit
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Please note that Cosmopolitan - The Kit is also part of Cosmopolitan - My 7th Anniversary Collection.  Some of the sample layouts used here may also include images from the rest of the collection, so be sure to check the contents list below to know for certain what all is included in this package.

"A city is a place where there is no need to wait for next week to get the answer to a question, to taste the food of any country, to find new voices to listen to and familiar ones to listen to again."  Margaret Mead

I am more of a suburbanite than a city girl but that's probably what makes a trip into the city all that much more exciting. Born and raised just outside of the  cosmpolitan center of Toronto, I have always considered myself fortunate to have access to such an amazing city.    Toronto is a bustling metropolis, alive with eclectic culture, world class cuisine, a vivacious nightlife, theatre, museums, galleries, festivals, concerts and sporting events.  Plus who could forget the shopping!!

City life is an endless source of entertainment, work, celebration and discovery.  It is the also the environment for so many of my scrapworthy stories, including dinner dancing the night away, girls' night out, my first (and only) tattoo, an enormous list of concerts, and too many plays, comedy shows and dinners-for-two to mention. 
Cosmopolitan is a funky collection of bright colours and neon, playfully juxtaposed  against an edgy, city night-life backdrop.  It was a true joy for me to create.  May it also bring you joy as you scrap your own memories of city adventures whether they are local or travel experiences.

Cosmopolitan Essential Elements

- 1 bracket journal spots (provided in two colours)
- brick wall overlay matt (provided in three colours)
- 1 black and silver button
- brights buttons (provided in four colours)
- 1 bendy photo frame
- paper strips with grommets (available in 5 colours)
- lined paper strip with grommets
- curly ribbon (available in two colours)
- ribbed cardboard rounded frame (plain and printed)
- star (provided in four colours)
- starburst sticker
- tripple frame

Cosmopolitan Background Papers

16 papers in total:

- 12 unique  urban jungle papers
- 1 textured paper provided in four colours

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