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Custom Actions: PSCS+ by Wendy

Custom Actions: PSCS+
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Now, you can have a unique custom Photoshop CS, CS2 or CS3 action created for your personal use! Whether it's an action for converting non-traditional page sizes for Shutterfly books, resizing layouts for the web, arranging several photos on a page for printing, or something nobody else has thought of yet, I can create an action specifically for you.

Actions may take 1 to 2 weeks to complete and will require a valid email address. You will not receive a download ink now. You will receive your download after the action has been created.

NOTE: Please contact me PRIOR to purchasing this action to be sure I can create what you are requesting. If you do not contact me first and I am unable to create your action, you will not receive a refund. (Store credit to my shop will be issued instead.)

If you want a commercial-use action created for you to use in your design or S4H business, please contact me to discuss it and get a price estimate.
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