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DefineMe Collection by Studio Unica

DefineMe Collection
by Holly by Jenn by Jaye
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Taken from Johnson's and Walker's dictionaries combined (1709-1784 and 1732-1807). Define Me is a collection of wordart full of meaningful definitions great to be used individually or in large numbers to accent your pages. Available both as .png and .abr (for easy background enhancement), each definition comes in a light and a dark version.

This set includes all 3 Define Me sets: Frustration, Friendship and Love

"Define Me: Love" includes the following 19 definitions:

adore, affection, attraction, cherish, cuddle, devotion, embrace, emotion, enchant, fidelity, fondly, happiness, hug, kiss, love, loveliness, lover, loving, seduction

"Define Me: Frustration" includes the following 21 definitions:

agitation, anger, annoyance, cry, frustrate, frustration, fury, grief, irritate, outrage, resentment, sadness, scowl, scream, screech, storm, tear, tempest, weary, weep, wrath

"Define Me: Friendship" includes the following 23 definitions

accept, ally, brotherhood, communication, confidant, confidence, esteem, friend, friendship, kin, kind, kindliness, kindness, listen, relate, relation, reliance, sister, sisterhood, together, trust, trustily, truthful

All files created at 300ppi. Brushes size range from 1996 to 2500 pixels
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