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Don't Eat Worms World Kit (with everything in it!) by Lorie

Don't Eat Worms World Kit (with everything in it!)
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Don't Eat Worms World

Have you ever felt like just, going for it, and eating some worms? Me neither. But if you were a duck you certainly might - unless you lived here in Don't Eat Worms World, of course, where ducks and worms practice trapeze tricks together, read great literature, go on walkies in the city, and ride beetle taxis. In Don't Eat Worms World you can soar over the landscape in the most stylish gas baloons through rainstorms or rainbows, read books with bookworms in a real book store, or ride your unicycle over rolling meadows to snooze under mushroom trees. I like it here. You might too because Don't Eat Worms World has been turned, plucked, gassed, wiggled, and tweeked to satisy your artistic pleasure!

Here's what's in this World:

22 unique papers (37 with color changes all together)
1 Wiggly Alpha (lowercase a-z, exclamation and question mark)
1 quick page
1 in perspective stepping stone dots
9 wordart (+ 2 variations)
1 book worm ladder
1 Bookworm place (with and without welcome door)
1 city sidewalk
1 city sidewalk with cobblestones
1 door to Bookworm's Home
1 foot bridge (3 useful variations)
1 nighttime city sidewalk
1 The Bookworm Bookstore (with and without sign)
1 alleyway arch (light and dark versions)
1 suspended trapeze wire
1 Tiptoe Trapeze House
1 Wormieville town scene
1 Bookworm's Place frame
1 dangle frame (with and without the word "fun")
3 frames
1 frame tab
1 imagination bubble
2 page frames
1 paper frame
5 rolling frames
3 trapeze frames
4 trapeze signs
1 wall frame
1 cloud burst (for dark and light papers)
1 cloud clump
2 cloud clusters
1 distant tree stand
2 island clouds
1 rainbow
1 rainbow with clouds (for dark & light papers)
1 rain cloud
1 raindrops
3 variations of green rolling hills
1 cluster of tiny clouds
2 trees
1 windy raindrops
1 wormhole cloud cluster
1 bedtime lamp (dark, light, and shadowed versions)
1 big globe
3 books
1 book duck (light & dark versions)
3 books with titles
1 bookworm(light & dark versions)
1 bucket & umbrella
1 dangle frame suspension
1 dangling worm frame
1 docking post
1 drum
1 fence
1 high wire worms
1 reading bench (with and without pillows)
1 stool
1 trapeze duck
1 trapeze table
1 unicycle bird
1 Worm Air blimp
1 worm balloon
1 brave worm
1 dot drops
1 dot lines
1 floating duck
1 footbridge water scene overlay
2 friend of worms
1 friends walking in the rain
1 lamppost (with and without light)
1 lounge
1 musical duck
1 paper overlay
2 parachute frames
1 pineapple shade
1 pool
1 tennis shoe taxi (with and without worm passenger)
1 trapeze umbrella
1 umbrella
1 duck walking the worms
1 water bubbles
1 worms in floati
1 wooden ladder
2 magic dust swirls
rollingframe acts, 1,2, and 3
1 training tent
1 trapeze (with and without trapeze worm)
10 trapeze gear
1 trapeze ladder suspension
1 metal ladder
1 trapeze line
4 trapeze platforms
2 trapeze pillows
2 trapeze trunks
1 trapeze trunks stacked
1 unicycle (short and tall)

Many elements with and without shadows.
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