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EEKY FREAKY Kit Collection by Lorie

EEKY FREAKY Kit Collection
Halloween Hat Hat In Space Munchi Monster Shrek\'s Brother Squid Witch
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A merry monster's horde of creepy cute stuff full of scruffy, starlit flair is in this very nearly spooky kit including 161 elements, alpha and 25 papers. True Halloween details like a teethy monster frame, an unspooky monster frame, more frames with character, costume award label, animated moons, a green bubbling cauldron with eerie gasses wafting out, a moon house under a starry sky, a little witchling attached to a star tag, leggy round spiders, and a good collection of spookerific words and phrases to mix/match. Elements include:

1 raggy alpha
2 beads
8 borders
8 buttons
2 clasps
1 clock face
2 metal corners
5 dangles
16 dots
3 spiders
3 spider labels
1 spider web
2 stars
7 lines of stitches
10 tags
7 ties
2 tie tags
1 tiny moon
7 twirlys
3 wires
3 wire treads
1 witch label
14 words and phrases
21 frames
1 grundge border
one hanger
12 hinges
3 hinges on a string
5 labels
3 label words
2 monster frames
2 moons
1 moon face
1 old book for frame
4 oldpapers
1 (very large PNG file) old painted board texture paper with holes for pictures.

(See my LO samples to get an idea, you can make the frame hole as large as you like or use it as a background texture blended with other papers.)

Each paper is a standard printing quality at 300dpi,suitable for digitally printable, commercial scrapbooking projects as well as webgraphics.

All elements are formatted as .PNG's ready for your creative energy. Enjoy
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