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Faerily Moonlit Kit Collection (with everything in it!) by Lorie

Faerily Moonlit Kit Collection (with everything in it!)
by Camila by Claudi by Jen by Cheryl by Lorie
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In Faerily Moonlit Kit Collection there are two sweet, mysterious places for faerie kind to frolic, the garden and the moonlit sky - Faerily Moonlit Kit Collection is filled with lovely sky inspired details including over 140 elements:

27 papers (31 including the recolored ones)
6 borders (2 more recolored)
2 floofy page frames
6 star flowers
2 sleepyhats
1 lamppost (additional one illuminated)
1 man-in-moon cresent, eyes awake and eyes asleep
1 stargazing pad
2 stargazing poufs
26 frames (2 more recolored)
1 swirly border (3 different colors)
3 sky cords
2 bead doodles
3 chains
2 chain clips
2 chain clip fobs
2 clouds (if your're using PS, for a whiter/lighter appearence
click screen for in the layers filters box)
1 cloud castle
2 faeries (one with and without wings)
1 sparkle ray overlay
1 glowflys sprinkle
3 handheld lanterns (one with out illumination)
1 old German litho lid
2 pairs of wings (one for side poses)
2 faeries (one in running and sitting pose)
1 bird jewel
11 accents (useful faerie pieces)
1 faerie crown
4 labels
1 fine piece of Shakespearean paper (faeries love Shakespeare)
1 faerie photo corner,
2 secret faerie books,
1 piece silk lace,
1 antique ivory cherub star,
1 velvet border(comes in 4 useful colors)
1 hair stick pin I made and use in real life (it may come in
handy for a flag pole or the side on a frame...)
10 butterflies
1 butterfly with a chain tail (never know what you might hook to her)
2 buttons
1 dragonfly
1 leaf jewel
1 mounting hook (would hold a chain, on the arched gold wooden
frame very well...)
5 buttercups
1 buttercup garland
3 dangling garland jewels
1 dangling leaves
6 jewel garland accents
2 lines of perky moss
1 bower of leaves
1 loose garland of jewels
1 sping mix of tiny flowers and grasses
4 white violets

All watercolored, inked, snipped, drawn, and plucked especially for your artistic pleasure! Enjoy!

There are 12 zip folders in all.

PS rendering tip for clouds: I made clouds a little dark for dark papers, and the easiest way to lighten them up is in the "Layers" box in the layers filters selections up at the top choose "screen". That will whiten them up nicely without too much trouble...many of the butterflys can have the same technique applied and it will work nicely with them as well.
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