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Feelings [Full Kit] by Em-Ka Designs

Feelings [Full Kit]
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A kit „ Feelings” has been prepared on a special occasion.

It’s my daughter’s fourth birthday.

She loves dancing, singing and flowers. Yet the kit is not only for little princesses – you can create marvellous souvenirs from marriage, christening, birthday or any other celebration.

The kit contains 10 light, subtle papers, 4 papers with prepared scenes and 90 elements:

 21 x flowers (including those big ones where you can put your little Thumbelina)

5 x creeper with leaves,

1 x green berries,

1 x ballerinas,

1 x a mirror,

2 x crowns,

1 x a magic wand,

1 x an armchair,

1 x an elegant stool,

1 x a skirt on a hanger,

7 x frames ( silver with diamonds, from pearls, ribbons, beads),

1 x a suitcase,

1 x Ballerina Mouse,

4 x a butterfly (materials and silver),

2 x flowers made of fabric (white with diamonds),

2 x a cup with saucer,

1 x a flute,

2 big pieces of lace,

5 x doodle (from pearls and silver),

1 x a tiny hat,

1 x a jug,

1 x a bucket,

1 x a bag,

2  x buttons,

1 x clip

4 x ribbons (bows),

1 x a lace umbrella,

2 x wings

white narrow lace and tape,

5 x WA, 

1 x mask,

and bunches of flowers, diamonds, buttons and rose petals (x9)


I am sure you’ll enjoy it!

Have a nice shopping!

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