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Flitting Fall Faeries Faerie Patterned Paper by Lorie

Flitting Fall Faeries Faerie Patterned Paper
by She
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Flitting Fall Faeries' "Faerie Patterns Papers" paper collection consists of 12 richly painted striped and dotted papers in 4 styles. 7 papers have the overlay pattern of an interior piece of my Great Aunt Ora's trunk lid and it gives off a great shadow effect to boot. I knew it would come in handy for something.

Also "Faerie Paper Pieces" includes 2 striped and dotted paper pieces (2 recolored) with useful distressed ends on all 4 corners. (Stripes are my favorite pattern...I try to keep them to a minimum in my design but, seeing as how faeries like stripes...there are lots of them!) I hope you enjoy! Everything has been plucked, painted, drawn, photographed, and sweetly tweeked for your artistic pleasure!

For a better value purchase the entire "Flitting Fall Faerie" Collection.
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