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Flying Dreams Elements Collection by Lorie

Flying Dreams Elements Collection
by Diana by Doreen by Damayanti by She By Joann Knnrd by Damayanti by Gonewiththewind by Gonewiththewind by She by Diana by Diana by Dodo74 by Carins Pixels By Full Of Life by Damayanti by Livy Bug by Carins Pixels by Gonewiththewind by Damayanti by Henriette by Henriette By Joann Knnrd by Lorie
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Take an adventure to dreamland and go traveling through your imagination, fly into the sky and walk into the moon, sail the clouds, dock your flying vehicle at the crazy faerie castle and talk to flying fish. There's a lot of wild details for scrapping your sweet dream moments. I hope you enjoy! Everything has been plucked, painted, flight tested, crash tested, drawn, photographed, and sweetly tweeked for your artistic pleasure! Elements include:

1 boat porthole
2 boat ropes
1 cloud dock (+ shadowed version)
1 cloud pool (+ cloud pool with waterfall detail)
1 flying boat (+ 1 with sail)
3 flying water pools
1 frame
1 skycouch
1 sleepy moon
1 sail
1 sleepytime submarine (+ 2 with lights and one see-through glass windows for photos)
1 waterfall
2 clouds
2 floating cloud nines
1 wild faerie castle
1 door to somewhere wonderful (with & without a door, sort of like Narnia's wardrobe)
1 flying clock
1 full moon
1 crescent moon tree (+ one glowing crescent moon tree)
1 door to the moon scene
1 door to the moon example
1 extra starry sky overlay
2 hanging devices
1 sky swing
2 sleepy moons
1 magic flying swirls
1 mobile
3 moon flowers that glow (no need for shadows on nighttime papers)
1 skybits accent
1 space swirl
2 star circle
4 star toolies (no need for shadows on nighttime papers)
1 swirl
1 tiny screw
14 word art pieces
4 magic bedroom scenes (daylight/nighttime with & without beds)
1 magic bedroom lighting examples
1 magic bed (attach rope pulleys on the bed post and let the flying fish carry it, they are very strong)
1 magic bedroom example
1 bedroom window
1 pillow
1 sweetdreams faerie (+ a nighttime version with teddy bear and flying clock in hand)
1 Timmy bear (named after my LH)
1 axis
1 balcony
1 bedtime stories flying chair with & without sail
3 flying fish (one more carrying a little frame)
2 frame hinges (+ another set recolored)
2 lanterns (+ 2 glowing versions)
1 ladder
3 lighthouse versions (plain lighthouse, & 2 more with light sources)
2 little word arts made out of paper pieces
1 pulley
1 roof top with "crane stopper" (+ one version for words in weathervane)
1 weather vane (+ 2 more with wordart)
1 pair of wings (2 perspectives)
1 quick page

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