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Frosty Fun - Page Kit by Manuela

Frosty Fun - Page Kit
kit papers Alpha zoom 100% 1 zoom 100% 2 Aska, Beckie, Anne-Katrine Sonja, Sandra, Yvonne Grace, Sonja, Maike, Janet Janet, JoAnn, Julia, Grace
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This kit brings you all the frosty fun you have during this wonderful winter.
Lots of unique elements will help you create awesome and special pages, layouts, albums.
12 beautiful textured papers with wonderful scenes are also included.
Almost every paper comes in different versions (please take a look at the sample layouts for a better view). So some are lighter, some are more dark, some have also a solid version.
In total are 28 papers included.
And of course a complete Alphaset comes with the kit.
12 textured papers
(some of the papers come in different versions, so total are 28 papers included)
2 Birds
1 Bird House
3 Branches
1 Glitter Overlay
1 Metalic Embellishment
3 Flowers
1 Fox
6 Frames
1 Piece Of Leafs with Icicles
1 Frozen Rose
1 Swirly Snow Overlay
1 Pair Of Gloves
1 Hat
1 Hut
1 Pair Of Ice Skates
1 Icicles
1 igloo
1 Petroleum Lamp
1 Reindeer
1 Curled Ribbon
1 Screw
1 Pair Of Skis
1 Sled
1 Snow Overlay
1 Snow Storm Overlay
1 Snowy Trees
7 Different Snowflakes
1 Snowman
1 Sparkling Overlay
1 Squirrel
1 Window
1 complete Alphaset with upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.
You have the option to download the elements in a shadowed version or with no shadows.
The elements are created at 300 dpi for high printable quality and saved in .png file format to preserve transparency!
Papers are 12x12 (3600x3600px) created at 300 dpi and saved in .jpg file format.
S4H/S4O friendly!
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