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Get Fit Acrylic Styles by Miki

Get Fit Acrylic Styles
Get Fit Layout
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Last year, I had a health scare with my blood pressure shooting up- and staying there. For some reason, that was the impetus I needed to step back and take a look at my lifestyle and unhealthy habits and decide to make changes. I don't know the secret- if I did, I'd bottle it up and sell it- making millions! All I know is that the major changes I have made- quitting smoking, losing weight and exercising, were prompted by very caring nurses who gently reminded me to "take care of me".
I was overweight, anemic, got winded going up stairs or around the block- and felt like I was 60 or 70 years old! So that day, I resolved to make changes- and I did. I started eating healthier - watching my portions and eating fresh; and started an exercise routine, building up a bit at a time over the months. In 11 eleven months, I had shed 65 pounds, felt like I was 30 years old and feel better than I have in decades!
This collection was a long time in the making- for the most part, up in my head, rolling around, gathering steam. I hope it can serve to anyone who needs some motivation, or who needs to document their own healthy journeys- whether your are a digi girl, a hybrid artiste or a crafty and hands-on creator- there's something for everyone in this mega fitness collection!

In "Get Fit Acrylic Styles" by Microferk Designs, you get 3 "Get Fit" Acrylic styles that match the "Get Fit" collection by Microferk Designs, for your customizing pleasure.  (Included are xml files for use in Photoshop Elements 6 +)

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