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Glass Plate Negatives by Christina

Glass Plate Negatives
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The coolest, coolest, COOLEST thing EVER!! haha...I think so anyway ;). Hope you do too!

Definition: Glass Negatives are photographic plates preceded photographic film as a means of photography. A light-sensitive emulsion of silver salts was applied to a glass plate. This form of photographic material largely faded from the consumer market in the early years of the 20th century, as more convenient and less fragile films were introduced.

The aged and decayed look these plates give to photographs is just priceless. So, I thought I would try to re-create something that gives that same similar look using very old, worn, decayed and dusty films. It worked! :)

There is no actual glass on these plates. Each transparent plate was carefully created with an old negative film edge and remains. I then added a grungy texture and dusty decay, mostly to the outer edges.

Whether you scrap with old pictures or new, these grungy aged overlays are a must have! All you have to do is place any photo underneath them and wah-la it's now even more fabulous!

Use these as is, as masks or as overlays for blending into your photos for endless effects. I included both the un-framed and framed versions. These would even look great in your own favorite frames.

4 unique styles in the following...
4-4x6 (approx) un-framed transparent plates
4-4x6 (approx) framed transparent plates
4-7x10 (approx) un-framed transparent plates
4-7x10 (approx) framed transparent plates

Have fun and don't blame me if you find yourself wanting to use these on every photo. hahaa, enjoy! :)
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