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Hair Brushes by Wendy

Hair Brushes
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Extracting hair can be a difficult and time-consuming task. But, there are ways to make it easier. These tools will allow you to use a rough extraction, then paint the hair back in over your model. Give him a completely new "do" or emulate the existing hair. Tutorial "The Mane Attraction" from MissBehaving included. Sample Hair Coloring swatches also included.

You get:
11 brushes for painting in hair (large, medium and small brushes, hard and soft, and highlight brush)
Two-part tutorial: "The Mane Attraction" by Miss Behaving
Hair Color Swatches and Tutorial (blonde, brown, black and red hair swatches)
Pre-drawn Vector Paths for drawing your hair, with Tutorial (NOTE: PSD and WMF provided. PATHS WILL NOT WORK IN PSE.)

Personal use, S4H and Designer use okay with no additional fee.

Tested in PSCS1-4. (Brushes can be loaded in PSE, but the tutorial is written for PSCS and PSP.)
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