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Hoppin' Frog Jamboree by Lorie

Hoppin' Frog Jamboree
by Twin Moms Flor by Damayanti by Empolan by Dodo74 by Fabella by Monnica by Kimberly Rae by Diana 32 by Monika by Juliegoodgirl by Amber by Topsi by Henriette by Scrappin Irene by Juliegoodgirl by My 5 angels by Fabella by Twin Moms Flor by Joann Knnard
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It's a steamy night and all the critters from the bog bunnies to the bullfrogs are headed deep into the bayou following the tail lights of the lightning bugs and the throbbing drum beat of the wood ducks to the Hoppin Frog Jamboree. Yipeeeeee!!!!! Yep the Swamp Symphony can start whenever you're ready. In the Hoppin' Frog Jamboree you will find 8 steamy, sunny, swampy papers, 65 + musical mammals & amphibians, lightning bugs and their cozy cottages, plenty of swamp grass and even some swamp gas, ............. and a special sail boat to get you there. Everything in the Hoppin' Frog Jamboree has been plucked, petted, tuned, and tweeked for your artistic pleasure!!

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