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Little Fishi Island (With Everything In It) by Lorie

Little Fishi Island (With Everything In It)
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Breathe in the salty sea air mixed with the intoxicating perfume of tropical blossoms. Hop out of your hammock, send the kids to the pirates' playhouse, grab your board, and head for the surf - you are on Little Fishi Island. Ah yes, Little Fishi Island is where you will find colorful fishies, a friendly sea monster, killer waves, jaunty nautical devices to get you from one island to the next where you can sell sea shells on stunning sea shores, or watch dreamy sunsets from salty harbor hangouts. Everything has been plucked, sailed, photographed, sniffed, waterproofed, and tweeked for your artistic pleasure!
Here's what's on Little Fishi Island:

7 island scene papers
1 plain paper
12 fishi papers (all unique)
3 background skies for Little Fishi Island
1 boat house view
1 docking at boathouse quick page
1 Fishi Island (colored for day and nighttime skies)
2 beachy quick pages
2 beach grasses
1 coconut tree
1 dried grass
9 flowers
2 flowerleaves
3 hammock palms (3 different poses)
3 polished rocks
7 sea shells
1 tropical leaf
3 bubbles for fish (one as a psd on hardlight filter)
1 cloud overlay
3 design waves
1 splash
1 water surface for fishi
1 water surface overlay for fishi
1 wave
3 wild waves
5 wild wavy lines
1 pirate playhouse
1 beach umbrella
2 bouys
1 chair for pirate playhouse
1 compass
5 fishies
1 fishi barrel
1 fruiti dots
1 hammock
1 island atol
1 island scene
1 island sillhouette
1 ladder
1 little wave
1 mask pole
1 sun
1 toy boat
1 tribal mask
1 trunk
1 umbrella
1 water fish might like to jump in
1 water frame
1 wooden signpost
1 sunshine page
1 raft (plus raft with oar attached)
1 rope and seashells
2 sand texture overlays
1 Ssssally the seamonster 1 (in two png. pieces)
1 super fast paddle
1 super cool Wave-O surfboard (3 positions)
1 surfboard scene
1 tropical dot swirl
1 tropical dot whirl
1 wave bouncer
1 island
9 frames
13 wordarts (some are again arched)
2 photo overlays
1 dots
1 postcard overlay
1 sunshine bits

Some elements and papers also have recolored and shadowed versions.
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