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Love Stories From The Red Flower Shop (everything plus Sweet As a Pea alpha) by Lorie

Love Stories From The Red Flower Shop (everything plus Sweet As a Pea alpha)
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Rosemary Rosebush sits outside her mother’s flower shop every afternoon writing love stories. Her doll bunny Clara gives her some of her best ideas. At this moment, Rosemary is writing a stage play to be performed by her dolls. She knows this performance will have her dozens of brothers and sisters hopping out of their seats with glee. It’s another spirited love story about the sassy Vendula Velvetears and the smitten Bernard Hoppinfur who is always bothering Vendula because he is soooooooo head over paws in love with her. More than one bunny has remarked that Bernard has many of the same characteristics as a boy bunny who works at the Red Flower Shop with Rosemary.

This is Rosemary Rosebush’s world. It is a sunny little back acreage you are welcome to explore.

Besides the shop itself, the bunnies, and the gardening accoutrements, you will also find here: ivy covered shade trees to write under, cottages, arbors, meadows, and quiet hidden lanes to walk down or rest beside to gather your thoughts. If you yourself are a creative little bunny who loves making stories for her family with her art, you may want to look into Love Stories From the Red Flower Shop. Here is precisely what you will find here:

14 scene papers (plus 6 variations)
10 design papers (plus 6 variations)
3 garden entrance and interior scenes (plus 4 variations)
9 frames (plus 4 variations)
1 Sweet As A Pea Alpha (3 color variations of basic American alpha)
1 basket (empty and full of flowers)
1 Bernard Hoppinfur (3 variations)
2 birds
32 wordarts
4 blossom sketch overlays
1 bowl (tabletop perspective)
2 bunny buggies
2 bunny dolls
1 baby Clara bunny doll
1 bunny doll stage (2 variations)
2 bunny doll stage chairs
1 bunny doll stage inner curtains (2 variations)
1 bunny doll stage table
1 bunting (light and dark variations)
1 cabinet (2 variations, empty and full)
2 chairs
1 creamer
1 creamer tabletop perspective
2 cups tabletop perspective
1 fence (light and dark variations)
3 flower boxes (filled and empty)
1 The Red Flower Shop sign
2 flower spades
1 flower stand (4 variations)
1 ink jar (two variations and colors)
1 ink quill
1 little flower garland (2 lengths)
1 The Red Flower Shop logo (3 variations)
1 low perspective teapot
1 old wood bucket
1 old blue porcelain coffee pot
1 large open story book
1 paper roses
1 picnic basket (full and empty, closed and open variations)
1 picnic buggy
3 picnic pillows (several variation stacked and not stacked)
2 picnic carrot sandwiches
2 soda pops
1 tricycle
3 pillow flowers (bunnies make them of paper and fabric, hand sewn)
1 green plant stand
5 porcelain flower garlands
12 potted flowers
1 rabbit couch (2 variations)
1 Red Rabbit (lighter and darker versions)
1 Rosemary Rosebush (lighter and darker versions)
2 Rosemary Rosebush drawings (the original sketches for the kit)
1 My Flower Friends seed bags
1 stool
1 table (open and closed drawer)
1 outside table
1 pok-a-dot tag (3 color variations)
1 teacup (ground perspective)
1 bunny teapot
1 toy on wheels
5 hand sewn tree decorations for party
1 trunk
1 umbrella
1 big umbrella
1 Vendula Velvetears (2 variations, and light and darker versions)
2 watering cans
1 little ducks
3 wooden birds
1 wooden sign (blank and with The Red Flower Shop logo)
2 blank banners
2 writers inspiration chickens
1 big flower cart (4 variations)
1 garden bench
3 love letters

Potted, pruned, performed, and plucked purposefully for your artistic pleasure.

All elements with and without hand-drawm shadows.

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