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Mama's Scraps, ABC's by Christina

Mama's Scraps, ABC's
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So, why does Mama get credit you might wonder? Well you know the old saying "this isn't your Mama's Scrapbooking"? Meaning, I guess we have moved past the old way of scrapbooking which consisted of alot of old book cuts and things. Well, I'm thinkin this stuff is too great to keep hidden away...let's USE IT!! ;)

Included is a full paper alphabet, A-Z, cut fresh from an old story book from the 1800's. Each file is a separate .png and there is also Crafter's Collage's included (all letters on one page for easy printing). To go along with this is of course a cute little story or shall I say rhyme that describes all the little things on each letter. I cut it all up by letter...A, it's rhyme, B, it's rhyme, etc. and made .png stamps and an .abr brush set for ya too. I have a feeling this will not only become a favorite but will also bring back so many great memories. That's my hope anyway...
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