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Maybell Littleberry's Christmas Stocking by Lorie

Maybell Littleberry's Christmas Stocking
by Hollie H by Olga Ungar by Priss By Vero by Ikscraps by Wendy P. by Dianat by Shayene by Mummy D. by Joelle by Serena by Mummy D. by Scrappie Irene by Julie Good Girl
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Maybell Littleberry has carefully packed her Christmas stocking with all the things she is finding herself enthralled with this winter. There are the usual items you would expect from a little creature like Maybell: scarves, strings, bells and ribbons; candy canes and Christmas ornaments. But this winter Maybell has also fallen in love with: Christmas trees made from cast-off sweaters, mouse nests on furry snow-flower branches, trees asleep on a snowy dawn, and (of course) her boyfriend Ronald Threadbear. (A delightful fellow Maybell thinks you might find as charming as she does.)

If these sorts of things interest you too, here is precisely what you will find carefully packed into Maybell Littleberry’s Christmas Stocking:

13 papers (plus 5 variations)
1 chain
1 scarf (2 color variations)
1 blank red label
1 candy cane
1 piece of clock face writing
1 clock frame (whole and separated into easy to use pieces)
2 cord lines
1 dangling candle holder
1 fireplace chair
1 cluster of "flying pine needles"
2 frames
1 clock frame
2 branches of furry snow flowers
4 strings of glass beads
3 glass fruit ornaments
2 hats
1 holiday mouse nest (separated into easy to use pieces)
1 instruction page for putting elements together
1 letter to Santa (2 variations)
1 light flurry
3 light overlays (put them between layers for extra light)
1 little snow pile
1 loose bird seed scatterings
1 Maybell Littleberry (4 poses)
9 ornaments
1 pine and holly bough
1 rabbit
1 red berry branch
1 ribbon bow
1 Ronald Threadbear (3 versions)
1 Santa pouch
4 sitting perspective ornaments
1 snow overlay
6 snow stars
1 snow swirl
2 star sprinkles
2 stockings (whole and separated for easy use)
1 sweater tree (2 variations)
1 sweater circles string
2 sweater house birds
1 sweater mushroom
1 sweet love (Ronald and Maybell holding hands)
1 tassel piece
3 tiny ornaments
1 window sill
1 winter bird seed bag
2 wooden horses
2 wooden mushrooms
7 wordarts

Knitted, fitted, gift-wrapped, and plucked exclusively for your wintery artistic pleasure.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

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