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Metamorphosis Adornments by Miki

Metamorphosis Adornments
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"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."

Metamorphosis. A transformation- changing from one thing into another. Not always painless. Sometimes messy. Often exhilarating. And something most of us have experienced during our lives. In  "Expressions: The Metamorphosis Collection", the first collection in this exciting new line, I bring you an eclectic collection of pieces with which to document your journey through life. I added two tarot cards as inspiration for the trip.
First, I give you "Death"- no, come back! Doesn't mean you're going to die. A totally misunderstood card, it is a deeply spiritual card that signifies the end of an old life and beginning of the new, a fresh start, new awareness, creativity realized! It is symbolic of the ending of a phase in life and indicates a need for you to let go and embrace the new possibilities and opportunities so that you may transform your existence and elevate it to a whole new level.
Next, I give you the "Wheel of Fortune", a card of destiny and the cycles of life! It gives you both cause and effect, and asks that you learn from your experiences, and use wisdom to break through the challenges in order to grow and transform your life! It is a card of intent and purpose. No more sitting around waiting for life to happen- get out there and open yourself up to the good and the bad, and become the you that you were meant to be!

Are you looking for unique and artistic treatments for your photographs? Look no further than these sparkly masked accents with plenty of sparkle and embellishment in "Metamorphosis Adornments" by Microferk Designs. You get  4 unique "adornments"- page ornaments made with masks, glitter and little pieces of bling and flowers to prettify your page and make a stylish statement!  Be sure to check out the coordinating "Metamorphosis Collection" by Microferk Designs for more goodies to enhance these!  Each one comes in a pre-shadowed format (shadow set to 120°). Designed at 300ppi for stunning print clarity, saved as png files to preserve transparency and each is placed in its own file! Some shown smaller than actual files!

Check out the "Metamorphosis Collection" by Microferk Designs for more coordinating design products by Studio Miki.

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