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Off The Wall, Wallpaper Scraps by Christina

Off The Wall, Wallpaper Scraps
Off The Wall, Wallpaper Scraps by Christina Renee
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My absolute FAVORITE thing to craft with is old wallpaper!! I feel it is even better when the pieces already have so much detail from their history...the dirtier, more worn out and torn up...the better, in my opinion ;).

I have been collecting old wallpapers for years and finally put this HUGE, fabulous set together! These very old, shabby pieces will be a great addition to almost every page or piece of art work...no kidding!! Who doesn't like a little shabby old on their page, even if it's just a smidge...

Included here is a HUGE set of 25 pieces of old torn up wallpaper scraps. Each piece is so unique with such intricate patterns and they seem to each tell their own story. Most all of these pieces are very large at almost 12" wide and/or 12" tall. There are only a few that aren't quite 12" but big enough.

NOTE:The pieces were shrunk down in size on the preview here so that you could get a glimpse of them all. They do not show correct size here in camparison to a 12x12 sheet.

You can seriously use these on sooooo.. many things...use them in your digital artwork, for layering, as photo masks, as backgrounds, as textures to blend into your backgrounds, photos or elements or you could even print the pieces out for creating all other sorts of artsy stuff!!

I really think you are gonna fall in love with these pieces once you see them for yourself, up close...I hope anyway ;)
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