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One hop to Christmas by Emeto Designs

One hop to Christmas
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With this funny and bright kit for Christmas you will create pages and enjoy yourself.
 It contains around 70 different element /most of them hand-painted/ and 16 papers. Some elements come with re-colored or different version, so in total elements are 122.
Outer shadows are created only for the preview, however 3D elements have a version with realistic shadow added to the kit.

The elements are:
1 acorn, 1 transparent acorn, 2 bells on string, 1 element of 2 bells on ribbon, 1 branch, 1 branch with snow on it, 1 branch twisted as word "merry",1branch twisted as word "merry" with snow, 1branch twisted as word "Christmas", 1branch twisted as word "Christmas" with snow on it, 1 cart, 1 cart with Christmas tree, 1 wooden chair, 9 different Christmas tree figures, 3 garlands, 1 house shaped frame, 3 different holly leaves, 2 oak leaves, 2 oak twigs with leaves, 5 glitter overlays, 1 sparkle overlay, 2 snowfall overlays, 1hat, 2 lines with Christmas lights, 2 lines with lights in acorn shapes, 1 oval wooden frame, 4 different presents, 9 ribbons, 2 Christmas socks, 3 squirrels, 3 squirrels with hats, 1 Christmas tree, 1 Christmas tree with decoration, 1 wreath, 1 Christmas tree top, 6 string and knots

Everything is created at 300ppi. For personal use only!

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