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SCRIPT: Element Sprayer PRO (PSCS Only) by Wendy

SCRIPT: Element Sprayer PRO (PSCS Only)
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This innovative and revolutionary script lets you "spray" elements along a path. Simply size the elements to the median size you want to use and save it. Then, draw a path or create a shape to spray your elements on. The PRO version allows you to select MULTIPLE elements, adjust the spacing, x/y, size and rotation jitters. And, you can use any drop shadow, or style available in your styles palette, or choose from 12 preset drop shadows. The result will be left in layers, with layer effects fully editable. You can also choose to have the shadows clipped to overlapping areas only.

If you only need to spray a single element and don't need to control the shadows, look for the STANDARD version.

PDF tutorial included. Tested in PSCS3-4 ONLY. This script will NOT work in PSCS2 and earlier. This script will NOT work in PSE.

Personal use and designer use okay.
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