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Scenes from my studio No. 1 - Summer with squirrels by Lorie

Scenes from my studio No. 1 - Summer with squirrels
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In the mountains where I live winter never really says goodbye. You can see her even now on the distant peaks and bits and pieces of her white gown can be found nearby in cold hollows and north facing slopes. Summers are short and every steamy day is a treasure to savor. This is an assorted collection of summer scenes I have been fantasizing about, done mostly while bitter cold winds shook the windows of my studio.

The squirrels and their sailboats are a last minute addition – put here as a suggestion to the two real squirrels living in the plum and crab apple trees outside my bedroom. They screech at each other every morning as the sun begins to peek in through my bedroom window. I so wish they would become friends and go on a fabulous long adventure. In a distant land.

Background papers are my favorite and I think I will be doing more small kits that include just them. Scenes From My Studio No. 1 - Summer with squirrels is my first. In it you will find:

10 scene papers (additional ones with color change and image variation)
2 squirrels (with and without oars)
2 boats (with and without squirrels)
1 oar
4 acorns
2 frames
1 Echinacea flower
5 image overlays (and overlay tip list)

Captured, sailed, savored, and plucked for your summery artistic pleasure.
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