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Steampunk - My 6th Year Anniversary Collection by Maya

Steampunk - My 6th Year Anniversary Collection
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Jumpin' Jules Verne it's a digital scrapbooking STEAMPUNK collection! Flying machines, time travel and extraordinary voyages often set in and brewing from the imaginations of the Victorian age. Steampunk is a sub-genre of fantasy and speculative fiction that came into prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s often focusing on technology either entirely fictional and sometimes on inventions that evenually occurred at a later date, like for instance the computer. Steampunk has since become a style, a sub-culture and an art-form.
As digital enthusiasts that often adore the precious the images of yesteryear, Steampunk is a style that speaks directly to our passion as digital scrapbookers. For me personally, I have been drawn to the images of old watches, brassy machine parts, worn leathers and vintage ephemera and antique imagery for years. As an altered artist I would think it a dream come true to be pounding on the keys of a modified Steampunk computer hidden under the guise of a more fashionable antique typewriter.  My birthday is in June. ;)
 So without further adieu, I bring you Steampunk (in all of it's Victorian, futuristic flavor)  created by Maya, in celebration of six years as a designer and owner of Scrapbookgraphics,  with love.
Included in  Collection:
Kit 1 - 8 digital backgrounds
An assortment of 10 beautifully brassy  gears/cogs
Brass book latch
1 vintage hand illustration
1 hook and eye
1 steamer trunk latch
1 brass laundry pin
1 leather strap/string/tie
1 monocle/glass lens
1 leather luggage tag
1 magical sky rail  (second version included that travels through time)
1 round antique latch
1 leather riveted frame
1 rusty machine part
1 collection of rusty machine gears
1 rusty latch
1 riveted rusty page border
1 hand held sundial
1 watch fob brass chain
1 time flies clock
1 steampunk embellished top hat
1 twisted wire in two metal colors
1 Voyages Extraordinaire (Jules Verne book scrap)
3 unique pocket watches
1 flying antique bicycle
1 flying machine gauge
1 round leather riveted arrow
Kit 2 - 8 Background Papers
1 sepia airship (alternate version with traveled included)
1 arrow
1 brass baby carriage
1 vintage sepia hot air balloon
1 brass bathtub chain
1 brass bolt
2 unique brass buttons
1 brass tag
1 cascade of Time Travel elements
1 clock face
1 warped clock face
1 set of clock hands
1 translucent cloud clock face
1 flying machine air balloon
1 journal spot
1 safety pin
1 spring machine part
1 star
2 unique book plates
The Victorian Topiaries
7 unique digitally sculptured Victorian Topiary trees  and shrubberies.
The Steampunk Leather Monogram Set
HUGE leather alpha, each letter lovingly created individually to create an authentic and unique set.  Caps included only.  Each worn and riveted leather letter is extremely large at roughly 1300 pixels square / 300 dpi
The Vintage Type Key Alpha and Word Art Collection
Again, each letter was created individually to create the illusion of an authentic worn antique typewriter key alpha.     Caps, numbers, symbols and some authentic typewriter word command keys included, as well as a word art collection of:
Always, Artist, Back Space, Be Here Now, Boy, Down Dream, Explore, Family, Fly, Future, Girl, Imagine, Laugh, Love, Past,  Return, Shift, Steampunk, Sweet, Tab, Time, Time Travel, Up, Wish.
Additional Steampunk Word Art
"Time keeps on Slippin' into the future" - music quote
Fly, Soar, Time, Travel - Leather words
This kit is completely versatile and perfect for modern day layouts, fantasy layouts, vintage, altered or quirky art projects.  It was my desire and hope to create a kit that could be used over and over again.  If purchased as individual packages, this entire collection would be worth $24.99
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