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Studio Mix #6: Bring Autumn Magic In by Studiogirls

Studio Mix #6: Bring Autumn Magic In
Kit BONUS QP (Lynn) Tracy Lynn Fhung Carolyn Carin Ann Melinda Lana IrishGull Kate
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Welcome to Studio Mix, small mini collabs mixing up your favorite SBG Designers! We present "Studio Mix #6: Bring Autumn Magic In" brought to you by Studio Lorie, Studio Natali, and Studio Ztampf!

Fhung, Natali, and Lorie cordially invite you to give a big heartfelt thank-you hug to summer and a welcoming kiss to autumn with their collaboration “Bring Autumn Magic In.”

The late summer sunsets splash the clouds with a magical golden light this time of year. The lush greens begin to fade and the rusts and wine reds of the leaves forecast the deeper shades of autumn to come. The sweetness of summer lingers and there’s still time for ice cream cones and picnics but we are ready to bring autumn magic in.

We hope our Studio Mix collaboration can help you capture the magic of this time of year in your art.

In Bring Autumn Magic In you will find:

1 alpha (PNG & Sheet)
3 word art
15 papers
5 frames
1 grass
1 light blob
1 bird
1 walnut
1 sailboat
1 paddle
1 wildflowers
3 flowers
3 ice cream cones
1 leaf
1 paper
1 paper cluster
1 ribbon
3 stitches
1 string
3 cotton candy
1 fastener
3 flowers
1 flower spray
3 tags

Some elements may come with an additional shadowed version.

Personal use only.

Forest Mask
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