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Thankfulness Glitter Styles by Miki

Thankfulness Glitter Styles
Sample Thankfulness Layout Sample Thankfulness Layout Sample Thankfulness Layout
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"Thankfulness" reminds us to take a moment to reflect on our many blessings and give thanks for them. Autumn is the time that we celebrate the harvest after months of hard work, and in doing so, we also begin preparations for the winter ahead of us. It's a time to remember, a time to express gratitude and a time to prepare. We also celebrate many different holidays and important events during this season: Halloween and Thanksgiving, Mabon or Autumnal Solstice & Samhain, the Day of the Dead, All Saints and All Souls Days - all of which share many themes and symbols.

"Thankfulness" is the perfect collection to help us remember those times, those thoughts and those people. In the colors reminiscent of fall- the golds, oranges, deep reds, and browns of turning leaves, the orange and greens of pumpkin, gourds and squash, light yellows of Indian corn,  all in a delightful collection- you can use all year long and year after year~ The "Thankfulness Collection" lends itself beautifully to family and heritage projects, vintage and modern, classic and elegant!

In "Thankfulness  Glitter Styles" by Microferk Designs, you get 8 "
Thankfulness" glitter styles that match the "Thankfulness Collection" by Microferk Designs, for your customizing pleasure. Included are a Photoshop Style file and jpgs for use in other graphic programs.

Already included in the "Thankfulness Page Kit" by Microferk Designs.

Check out the "Thankfulness Collection" for more coordinating design products by Studio Miki.

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