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The Somewhat Perillous Sea Voyages of Cealio (With Everything in it!) by Lorie

The Somewhat Perillous Sea Voyages of Cealio (With Everything in it!)
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I love the ocean and before I die I promise myself I will sail her seven seas. I want to feel her great blue beating heart and maybe learn from her one or two of the secrets she whispers to her children when they really listen. In the meantime Cealio the sea lion (with his lookouts Captain Sparrow and the captain’s twin brother Sir Gilbert C. Stormfeather) has grabbed the helm and let the wind take him on a sea voyage across the world’s watery wonderlands.

The Somewhat Perillous Sea Voyage of Cealio will, admittedly, take you to some rather treacherous and desolate shoals. The most perilous of adventures, in my opinion however, can be made quite comfortable and elegant with the proper accoutrements, which I have tried to include in this kit. Here you will find several ship-shape sloops, barrels of chocolate cocoa and rum punch, fish snacks for the lookouts, classically fashionable sailor suits, roomy sea chests, nautically nifty frames to keep pictures of the loved ones left on land, a beautiful siren to sing you to sleep, and a horrible sea monster to wake you up. Oh, and a lobster.

If you suspect your artistic sensibilities will be tickled by a sea voyage with Cealio, or have watery adventures ready for journaling, or simply feel like sending your grandchildren out to sea, here is what you will find in The Somewhat Perillous Sea Voyages of Cealio:

10 Frames (with variations)
80 wordarts (many variations)
10 Bright Sea Papers (plus 7 variations& 2 color variations)
11 Sea Blue Papers (plus 4 variations & 1 color variation)
10 textured papers (plus 3 variations & 1 color variation)
10 watercolor Papers (plus 2 variations)
1 algae stream overlay
1 anchor (3 variations)
1 Annie Aligasouras (4 variations with extra monster humps)
1 barometer overlay
2 barrels
3 beach glass pieces
4 bead strands
3 boats
1 boat dock
1 boat ladder
1 bubble border (4 color variations)
1 buoy
1 cabin ladder
1 captains badge
1 Captain Sparrow
2 Captian Sparrow hat
1 captains trunk
1 Cealio Seal (2 variations)
1 compass (2 variations)
1 compass dial overlay
8 pieces of coral
3 crustation illustrations
1 drum with drum stix
1 First Mate Swashbuckle Beak
1 flying sea gull (2 color variations)
1 glass compass
1 hook ring
7 journal strips
1 key
1 lighthouse
1 lobster
1 magnifying glass
3 map overlays
2 nautical flag lines
1 navigator piece
1 observation chair
1 observations table
1 place to relax chair
2 pocket globes (plus one variation)
4 sails (plus one variation)
4 sailing diagrams
3 sail lines
4 sailors caps
2 sailor gulls (with and without bandanas)
3 sailor suits
1 scrubbed sand overlay
1 sea dream holder
1 seagull lunch
5 seaside views
3 sea vegetation illustration
1 bow side view
5 seaweed illustrations
1 sloop
8 shells
2 shell illustrations
1 ship compass (2 variations)
1 ship flags
2 ship in a bottle bottle
1 ship wheel
1 Siren
1 Sir Gilbert C. Stormfeather (2 variations)
1 splash (3 variations)
1 strung line
2 boat paintings
1 toy boat
1 transparent circle frame
1 travel luggage
1 turtle overlay
1 water-colored traveling sail boat
1 watercolor overlay
2 watercolor boats with and without shoreline
12 watercolor splatter overlays
1 water overlay
1 water spray dots
1 waves crashing overlay
1 wave smudge
1 whale weather vane
1 whale tail

Pelagically plucked with Posiedon-like precision for your artistic pleasure.
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