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The Wild Watermelon Party (With everything in it!) by Lorie

The Wild Watermelon Party (With everything in it!)
by Ikscraps by Twins Mom Flor by Hollie H by Lana by Vero by Wendy P. by Joann Kinnrd by Priss by She by Paola by Hollie H by Monicca by Wendy P.
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Welcome to my big Wild Watermelon Party. It’s lush and steamy in these parts so pull up a lawn chair and cool off here in the shade. Ah, I hear the high clinking sensual notes of ice cubes jostling in lemonade. Relief is on its way. You will find cold slices of watermelon and lemon everywhere, grab some as they float by on breezes laden with the citrussy perfume of jungle blossoms. And, if you make kissy noises just right, songbirds will sing you sweet melodies while fanning you with their wings. This is how I want to spend my summer.

Mmmm. If this is also your vision of summer fun I offer you my Wild Watermelon Party – in which you will find:

2 balloon bunches
1 balloon and streamer cluster
1 collectibles cupboard
1 Wild Watermelon Co. truck
2 croquet balls
2 croquet mallets
3 versions of croquet setup
2 croquet stakes
5 croquet wickets
8 doodles
3 versions of baby elephant
1 faerie element spray
1 falling melon leaves
4 fern leaves
2 variations of fern leaf plant (one with & without blooms)
2 flower designs
11 frames
1 fruit basket
2 empty fruit crates
2 fruit mobile
1 garden entrance
1 giraffe (with & without her eyes closed)
3 grass bridges
1 green lemon sipping seat
3 juice splashes
1 Wild Watermelon Co. fruit crate label
1 ladder
4 lemons
2 versions of lemonade canopy
3 lemonade drinks (+ one with another perspective)
1 lemonade stand
4 lemon birds 2 lemon chairs
2 lemon cottages (+ 2 more versions for different perspective)
2 lemon tables
3 straws
2 melon berry flowers
1 melon flower branch
3 versions melon kiddie pool
1 melon pop flowers
10 overlays
1 lemonade sign (3 versions)
1 straw flag (3 different colors and some with words)
2 sugar pill dots
2 sun overlays
1 umbrella
1 melon balloon
1 water melon book
1 melon drops
1 melon house interior
2 melon slices
1 melon tree
1 melon tree grove (3 versions)
3 wild melons
4 wild melon trees
18 word art pieces
1 Wild Summer Alpha
16 landscape papers (+ 2 more perspective versions of one)
5 texture papers (one with 2 textural details)
4 wooden papers (3 with different textural details)
2 lemon shop interior papers
2 lemon cottage papers

Plucked, sliced, and served by me and baby elephants for your artistic summertime pleasure.

If you want to see my TOU go here: http://www.scrapbookgraphics.com/photopost/the-studio-girls/p30710-studio-lorie.html

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