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Ticket To Dragon's End A Storybook Kit (Everything is in it!) by Lorie

Ticket To Dragon's End A Storybook Kit (Everything is in it!)
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Fasten your seat belts as we approach Dragon's End airport. Yes beautiful Dragon's End - not only an eleven-star resort tucked into the high cliffs surrounding the gorgeous Grrrrzhnor Sea but also the gateway to the largest wild dragon preserve in all the world. No need to pack your bags they're already included with your Ticket to Dragon's End. Everything has been photographed, illustrated, fed, tamed, tuned, polished, and plucked for your pleasure! Hope you enjoy!
Here's what you get with your ticket:

4 pieces of rugged yet fashionable travel luggage
1 steamer trunk
3 dragon-watching binoculars in different positions
3 brass telescopes
3 completely reliable compasses (side & top views)
1 very comfortable Queen Victoria deck chair (plus shadowed version)
1 Rolls Royce single engine Aerotaxi
1 Aerotaxi (above) with flying banner
1 Aerotaxi (above) with Fleep
1 Aerotaxi (above) with Fleep and smoke trail
1 Brazil airlines label
1 Ticket To Dragon's End
1 Rolls Royce Gran Touring hover craft
3 versions RRGT hover craft in distance
4 very helpful sign posts
1 barrel
2 seashells
1 tube of SPF95
2 fancy islands complete with towers and boarding houses
1 Daddy Snurfulleous Softsnout dragon standing (Grefff)
1 Daddy Snurfulleous Softsnout dragon flying (Grefff)
1 dragon silouette flying in the distance
1 baby brother Snurfulleous Softsnout dragon (Fleep)
1 baby sister Snurfulleous Softsnout dragon (Skreek)
1 fancy ancient castle ruin on cliff trail paper
1 24x12 inch bubble border
1 accent
1 arrow
1 attachment accent
1 barometer piece
1 bubble blast
2 bubble patterns
1 bubble trail
15 clockwork pieces
1 oval bubble
1 rain gauge
1 rain gauge overlay
1 paper stays
1 striped line (2 colors)
4 clematis
1 clematis cluster
6 old coins recovered from a dragon's lair
2 design overlays
1 dragon lore book
2 globes
1 little wheel
1 old instrument
1 overlay accent
1 pair of photo paper stays
1 travel sticker
1 umbrella
1 young leaves branch (plus shadowed version)
1 journaling paper
2 photo overlays
12 quotes (all in white, colored, and shadowed versions)
1 gate entrance to Dragon's End
1 natural bridge paper
1 natural bridge with water
1 water piece (it could come in handy)
1 Dragon's End and beach combined scene
1 small natural bridge
9 sign posts with important directional words
1 list of words for signs (in case you need a sign to point the other way
1 back of postcard (plus back of postcard shadowed)
1 copper dragon's sillouette
1 description of dragonsend postcard front
1 Dragon's End cartuche
1 Dragon's End flag (with/with out logo)
1 gate to Dragon's End
2 postcard photoframe fronts
2 resort logo images
1 sunshine overlay
1 dragon weather vane
3 positions of Dragon's End Tower
1 house on hill
1 beach scene for sky background change
1 cliff top knot
3 clouds
1 Floating-in-the-clouds island
1 grassy knoll
1 low cloud bank overlay 24-12 inch
1 railing
2 trees
19 frame (some for 24-12 inch storybook size)
1 Dragon's End island Resort for sky changes
2 dragons lairs for sky changes
10 scene papers (plus larger sizes, and one more sky recolored)
9 old papers (plus 3 recolored)
1 open storybook (24x12)

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